Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday!

  • Field trip money is due on Monday, December 1st 
    • Field trip to the Discovery Museum is Friday, December 12th
  • Our class is going to the Book Fair Wednesday, December 3rd at 1:10
  • Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, December 4th

Friday, November 14, 2014

Peek at our short week!

This week we started Topic 5. In this unit, students are expected to understand that the three digits of a three-digit number represents amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones. 
We can:
  • Count within 1000 and skip count by 5's, 10's, and 1000
  • Read and write numbers to 1000 using number names
Next week, we will learn about standard form, how to compare numbers using symbols, even and odd numbers, and how to add and subtract 10 from any two-digit number.

We are LOVING our writing unit on nonfiction narratives!! We are continuing to research Amelia Earhart! We used links to websites to gather more information.  We wrote facts on sticky notes and placed them in chronological order on the chart paper.  Next, we divided into 4 groups: Growing Up, Middle Years, Final Years, and Amazing Facts.  Each group is responsible for creating that section of our class book. This week we focused on making our facts exciting and interesting for our readers and adding time order words. We drafted our facts on sentence strips and we will be ready to publish on Monday! 

Lunch group! Nice work Zohar and Taylor!

This week we have our first group of XtraMath Rockstars!! Keep up the good work!


  • Our class will be going to the Book Fair on WEDNESDAY, December 3rd at 1:15pm.
  • Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, December 4th.  If you haven't signed up for a time yet, please do so soon!
  • Ms. Bannon is organizing a food drive for the Burlington Food Pantry.  Please bring in non-perishable food items from now until November 26th!
  • Look for a field trip permission slip coming home on Monday! We will be going to the Discovery Museum in Acton on Friday, December 12th!

Friday, November 7, 2014


In math, we learned:
  • how to model repeated addition to write number sentences
  • how to make an array to think about repeated addition (shown below)
    • An array involves joining equal groups 
  • to use repeated addition to solve story problems

We started a new writing project this week.  Earlier in the year we wrote personal narratives.  We are now learning about nonfiction narratives, or biographies. We are focusing our biography study on heroes (someone who is brave and overcomes a challenge.)  For our class project, we are researching Amelia Earhart using books and internet resources. More to come!

We discovered that we can read our weekly Scholastic News on the iPad! We LOVED watching the videos and learning about nocturnal animals.

We are done studying trees! Together, we created a book about deciduous and coniferous trees and their characteristics. Our illustrations were AWESOME!

Eleni loves learning about trees, too!

Mrs. Weldon and Ms. Marcus joined us for two afternoons to help us create our own tree identification books based on what we learned about oak, maple, and pine trees. See an example page below.  Students can now identify these common trees in Burlington when in their backyards and parks.

We did a scavenger hunt to check our everyone's family trees! We learned a lot about each other and admired the hard work put into each and every project!! 

To study for our test on Wednesday... Tree BINGO! WOW... did we learn a lot! And we had some fun too!

To finish off the week, we talked a lot about Veterans.. and how they are heroes! We completed a Scholastic News and learned about the many jobs of Veterans, such as firefighters, medics, and divers. We also made a list of words that tell us what Veterans can do, what they have, and what they are.  Pretty amazing descriptions!

Show and Shares from Grace and Faith!

Have a fun super long weekend and see you Wednesday!