Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Room 214 Update!

A peek at what we've been up to in September!

Coming Up:
  • Picture day is THIS Friday, October 2nd
  • No School October 12th

  • The Memorial School Buddy Bench
    • A place where kids can meet friends, work out problems, and make new friends or learn a new a game
    • Check it out on the playground! 

  • The coupons are flowing! We had our first two "'lunch with the teacher" groups. Keep working hard!!

  • In science we are studying weather. We are learning about the 4 types of precipitation, severe storms, the 3 main types of clouds, and the water cycle. The weather test is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 7th. 
  • Check out the video of our class singing The Cloud Song! (Written by our very own, Mrs. Nelson!)

  • Students all received Memorial School Passports. We visited different areas of the school and learned acronyms about expected behavior in those locations. We visited the bathroom, playground, bus area, lunch room, hallway, and more!

  • We have almost completed Topic 2 in math. We learned:
    • Addition facts involving 0, 1, and 2
    • Addition facts with two addends that are the same
    • Addition facts where the addends are 1 apart
    • To use the commutative property to find sums
    • To find the sum of three addends in any order
    • To make 10 when adding
    • How to draw a picture and write a number sentence to solve a story problem

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Open House

Dear Parents, 

Thank you SO much for coming to Open House! It was wonderful to meet all of you. I look forward to meeting again in December.

red_school_house.gif (2513×2000)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

First week of school!

We had an awesome start to the school year! The students have all settled into their new classroom. This is a look at some of the fun things we did this week! Have a great long weekend!

Find-A-Friend: Look for a friend that matches each description. You can only use each name once.

Shake Breaks: We are working hard to earn shake break time. We got to Pop See Ko and the kids loved it!!

Math: We began Topic 1 this week with a math game about adding. We wrote addition number sentences and used a part-part-whole mat to help us add cubes.

Class Rules: We worked together to brainstorm ideas for our classroom rules. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

Spotty Dogs: When students are following the classroom and school rules, they can be "spotted." When they receive 7 spots, they earn a coupon for a prize!

Hopes and Dreams: We wrote about our hopes and dreams for second grade. We are excited to learn about many new things!