Friday, February 27, 2015

Boston Marathon!

Dear Families, 

I am VERY excited (and a little nervous) to announce I will be running the 2015 Boston Marathon in April! I am running for a charity called Challenge Unlimited.  Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm in Andover provides therapeutic, educational and recreational opportunities using horses for children, teens, and adults with varying disabilities such as autism, cancer, stroke, Down syndrome, and more.

For more information about this charity, please check out my page at

Thank You!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Room 214 Update

I can't believe we haven't had a full week of school in WEEKS!

Toast to Memorial ~ March 28th
Our class and Miss Santullo's class is making a barbecue basket.  We are collecting items until March 13th.  Some suggested items are: BBQ sauces and rubs, grilling utensils, BBQ cookbooks, condiments, skewers/grilling baskets, picnic supplies, marinades, or anything creative you can think of! Thank you for your help with this!

This week in math...
  • We regrouped 1 10 as 10 ones when subtracting
  • We used models to subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number
  • We used paper and pencil to subtract a one-digit number from a two-digit number
Next week we will learn to subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit number with and without regrouping.

This week in writing...
  • We edited and revised our North America research projects
  • We published in groups!
  • Here is a sneak peak of our finished projects! They will be presented at our writing celebration in June!

Happy Valentine's Day! Pictures from our afternoon "celebration" Friday afternoon!

Have a FUN and SAFE vacation!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Snowy News!

Here is a quick update about some things we have learned over the past two short and snowy weeks!

In math:
  • We finished Topic 8 (Addition with regrouping)
  • Completed the Topic 5-8 benchmark assessment
  • Began Topic 9 (Subtracting two-digit numbers)
    • Played the topic opener game
    • Learned how to regroup 1 ten for 10 ones

In Writing:
  • We are continuing to learn about informative writing and research North America
    • We are focusing on landforms and bodies of water, plants and animals, countries, interesting facts, and interesting places
  • We learned how to use our own words when we research
  • We learned how to use adjectives to make our writing more interesting
  • We learned how to use linking words to connect ideas
  • Next week we will begin to revise and edit so we can publish our class book!

The view from our classroom :)

  • Our field trip has been rescheduled for June 4th
  • We need cardboard for the gerbils!! Please send in egg cartons, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Gerbil permission slips are due on Monday
  • Valentines can be passed in any day next week (no food or candy)
  • Scholastic book clubs are due Feb. 12th