Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Update

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Have a lovely holiday with family and friends!

  • Field trip permission slips to the Discovery Museum are due Tuesday, December 1st
  • Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, December 3rd

In math, we...
  • Mentally added multiples of 10 to a two-digit number
  • Mentally added a two-digit number and a one-digit number
  • Added a two-digit number to a two-digit number using mental math
  • Used a hundred chart to add 2 two-digit numbers
  • Added using multiples of 10
  • Used number patterns to solve problems

In science, we finished learning about trees. Students were able to walk around the classroom and view each others family trees and fill out a questionnaire. They came out great! We took pictures around the school of oak, maple, and pine trees. We used those pictures to sketch the leaves and seeds. We used a paper plate to learn about the inside layers of a tree.

A few pictures from our Veteran's Day assembly...

We started learning about Nonfiction Narratives (aka Biography). As a class, we are studying Amelia Earhart. We are researching her life, focusing on her early years, middle years, and final years. She is fascinating! We created and published a class book. Next week, students will begin individual projects and study a new person. Here's a look at the process we used...

Anthony and Gemma earned coupons! Great work!

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